Gail LaCasse

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Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba I have lived in many parts of Canada from Calgary, Alberta to Elliot Lake, Ontario but have now returned to my roots in Winnipeg in 2016.

Although I have been drawing for most of my life, it took retirement for me to really allow myself the luxury of pursuing something that was very dear to me. With a bit of encouragement I entered my first art exhibition in 2002 at age 62.

Pen and ink drawings are my first love. When finished, I strive to have my picture appear to be a black and white photograph. "Look at the detail" seems to be one of the most often received comments from people who view my work.

An artist can never be static but should try different things to improve their craft. I now work with pastels as my medium of choice. I will often combine pen & ink with my pastels in order to accentuate certain aspects of the picture.

Living in Canada has given me a wide range of subject matter. The local flora and fauna have given me quite a variety to choose from, for example: daisies, wild roses, lady slippers, wild irises, bears, wolves, elk, blue jays, grey jays and loons to name a few. The abundance of lakes have given me some interesting shorelines for my landscapes. Other favourite subjects of mine are old houses, buildings and garden variety flowers. The beauty of Northern Ontario and of the Prairies, have inspired my landscapes.

Commission enquiries are welcome. Working from photographs I have been commissioned to draw old family residences and family pets.

Art is an adventure and a journey. I believe we should always be moving forward to seek out what awaits us around the next corner of our abilities. My journey continues.